Mount Rinjani Trekking Tips to Help Ease off the Trip

Knowing some Mount Rinjani trekking tipscan be quite handy and useful because it makes you get prepared for the trip – and also the breathtaking experience. Although you can always ask your guide or service provider before setting out for the journey, it doesn’t hurt if you read other travelers’ review and experience. After all, knowing their experience can really help you get prepared better.

Some of the Handiest Tips

When we are talking about Mount Rinjani, we are talking about one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Being the second highest mountain in Indonesia, you can be sure that this mountain has the most amazing and best view. Knowing some of the helpful Mount Rinjani trekking tipscan be handy because you’d known what to do, what to prepare, when to come, and such thing alike. Knowing the tips can help you plan better too. For instance, you know which starting point to take, from Senaru or Sembalun.

Here are some of the handy tips:

  • The best time to go to Mount Rinjani is between March and August, but avoid the long holidays and middle August. Not only the season will be full and crowded, the cost will be pricey too.
  • Don’t go to mountain without any guide because the track will be too dangerous. You aren’t the locals so you may not be familiar with the whole setting and setting.
  • When you decide to choose a guide, be sure to do their background check. Ask for the identity as well as the photograph of the guide.
  • In the event that you can’t find or book a guide, it is better to postpone your plan. Or if you are determined enough to go alone, you need to work together with other groups – the ones who have the experience.
  • Be sure to ask your guide about what kind of clothes to wear and bring, and other gears to carry. Those are some of the basic Mount Rinjani trekking tipsbefore setting out.

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